Who is Ork?

About Ork de Rooij

Hi, I'm Ork!

I'm a Dutch photographer based in Utrecht, and often found in random woods anywhere. I rolled into photography about.. forever years ago, and I haven't stopped loving it ever since!

For me, photography has been a life long learning process - figuring out new techniques, creating new and different styles of work, and foremost - working together with amazing people in the process.

My style tends to focus on anything people, shifting between action shots at LARP events, capturing the musicians or dancers at a balfolk events, or crafting cool things in a photostudio.

Curious about my photoshoot workflow? Want to reuse an image commercially? Want to download your LARP photos? I've tried capturing all of this in the articles below! If you have any other questions, please do contact me.


So, is that your real name?

Why, yes!

Can I book a shoot with you?

Absolutely! Check about photoshoots for more information on my workflow, and how to book me.

Can you come take photos at my LARP/event/cool thing?

I'd love to! Send me a message and I'd be happy to see how I can help.

Do you also accept TFP assignments?

In rare cases, yes! At the moment I only accept TFP (time-for-print) work if it will strengthen both our portfolios. If you have a unique concept, please feel free to poke!