LARP photography photo policy

My LARP photography photo policy

Live Action RolePlaying photo policy

Nederlandse versie

I, Ork, allow you to store and use any LARP photos from an event for personal use, unless otherwise agreed with the organisers of that event, provided you follow the rules below:

  • After an event I'll have to select and edit the photos. This will take some time, please be patient.
  • During this process I'll try to activelly take into account any pre-indicated preferences for being online or not. If you indicated you don't want to be on photos, I will do my best not to include any photos of you.
  • After this, I will create a new hidden link with the photos. Please do not share the link with anyone outside of the player group.

  • At this stage downloading and sharing has explictly not been turned on yet! Please respect this and be patient. Don't screenshot or use other attempts to get these images.

  • If, for whatever reason, you disapprove of a photo of yourself in this gallery, you can use this form and I'll remove the photo, no questions asked.

  • After a week (or after the time discussed with the organization of the event) I will enable sharing and downloading as well. From then on feel free to showcase photos on which you are personally on social media, provided you do not alter the image or remove the logo, and provided you tag me in the post. You can either use "Photo by Ork de Rooij, " or tag me as @orkfotografie

  • Please note: not everyone is happy if their face is suddenly on social media. Take this into account when you want to post photos that also show others. Do the right thing, and ask first!

Final note: while you may use photos on which you are personally depicted as stipulated in above rules, I keep ownership of all photos. It is not allowed to use photos for other purposes than described above without prewritten approval from my side.

I am an organizer - can I hire you?

Jup! For LARP events I love to make room which fits your budget, and I love to do special effects or blackboxes. Ping me, and we'll figure out how I can help you!