Monschau 2023

Model: Flora

This series requires a bit of a description, so here it is:

For most shoots, I either know beforehand what we are going to do, or it is a shoot event with many models and many photographers and I'll just.. wing it.

This was (deliberately) different. Basis: take 3 days in a place you don't know. Each morning - walk. Find spots. Find things that inspire. Walk more. Don't rush this. Take your time. And then: plan! Find outfits that match, ideas that work, concepts to do in those places. Sort. Select. Scrap. And in the afternoon (or evening, or early morning) go back to the best spot and create! Edit that evening, look at what worked and what did not. And repeat the next day!

I absolutely loved it! It.. created a bubble of space-time where there were no other goals. No other points of pressure. It allowed me to refocus a bit instead of just trying to 'produce' content in a style I already knew. No pressure, no end-goal, just find inspiration and be inspired together!

Thank you Flora for being the creative companion in these pursuits! Can't wait to do more!

-- Ork