Waterbak in 2023

Trying to drown the floor once again!

Once in a while I transform my studio into a pool. This isn't smart. The floor doesn't like me anymore.. but it's so much fun!
-- Ork

Okay, quoting myself from a few years back when I did this every year. I seem to have skipped this for a few years.. but this year it was time again! Time for the waterbak! A custom built pool complete with rain curtain! Okay.. it is actually just a 3 cm layer of water bounded by a rubber sheet to prevent the floor to dislike me even more, and a hose with holes duct taped to a beam above the pool. Details. It works!

I did quite a few different shoots here. New thing: I got to try this now with continous lights! Last time this was still with flashes, and the goal (back then) was to freeze the water as much as possible. This year, I really wanted to do the opposite and see what is needed get loong streaks of rain. Pretty cool!!

Thanks to Flora, Lenedoes, Satiella, watersnuffel & Jonna for being willing victims err, test subjects, err, I mean models for these shoots!