A Faerie Caught

where I discovered that a wall of flowers beats a landscape of stars

A Faery Caught
Model: Christina Critter
Tools used: Blender, Photoshop
Created: December 2020

This was not the shoot we intended to do. Originally, there was a huge plan for something completely different. However, due to pandemics and safety reasons, we had to improvise and come up with another - safer - plan. And this was it!

While we both loved the idea we had, we also had only one day to prepare. And we had nothing: no outfit, no scenery, nothing. Luckily, it turns out that Christina is amazing! She crafted herself an entire themed outfit with time to spare, and I spend an evening tinkering with the background until I knew we could pull this off (see version 5 below).

Some random lessons learned:

  • I first wanted to create a background full of stars, but... I just couldn't get the feel right. Eventually I used a curved "wall of flowers". That worked wonders and resulted in a relatively simple scene with a lot of detail.
  • Using curved transparent planes that mimic see-through ethereal cloth is awesome! For sure, I want to experiment more with this. And the cloth brush helps a lot too!
  • Next time, I want to spent more time in creating more variations of flowers before seeding them everywhere. There's still too much sameness now.
  • Adding some dirt and smudges in photshop afterwards help a lot to sell the end result.

And here's the step by step: