One day build: the moss cave

Where a plane gets extruded into a mossy cave!

One day build: the moss cave
Model: Julia Filament - using imagery we took earlier for Painted
Tools used: Blender, Photoshop
Materials used: moss objects from Ian Hubert. Sky background by Alessandro Viaro
Created: February 2021

This was a one day build.

This morning I became inspired by some photoscanned moss from Ian Hubert and I wanted to play around with something similar. Not havinga a plan, and not knowing what I wanted, I just started with a plane. A square. And I started to extrude. And extrude again. And some more. And... I accidentally made a cave!

If a cave it is, then a cave it shall be! I set on making it a realistic cave.. one you might actually want to (or not want to) be in. So it needed things that would fit.. would there be a path? If so, how would it have eroded the ground around it? Would there be water? Would it be lived in? Or would this cave be in someplace remote, and completely undisturbed? I find it important to get answers to these questions, because each then provides you with details on how you would fill in the world. A lived in cave would have a worn footpath without rocks in the way, for example, whereas an undisturbed one with water nearby might be full of plants and vegetation...

That sounds cool! Let's do that. With moss. Lots of moss!

See below for a step by step behind-the-scenes runthrough of this scene.