Purple garden

it started with a moodboard. And was planned as a studio shoot. But then I discovered the power of turning leaves purple!

Purple Garden
Model: Satiellacosplay
Tools used: Blender, Photoshop
Created: March, 2020

Crafting Notes

  • This project started as projects should! With a moodboard! See below. Satiellacosplay and I tried to capture the essence of this cosplay both in clothing and in atmosphere, and that provided a baseline to work with. Never guessed how much it would have helped though! The Shinobu part of the moodboard was on my screen the entire time during 3D design.
  • I hoped to find some cool 3D models of the Wisteria flower for this, but couldn't find anything that satisfied the budget I had for this shoot and had enough quality. Next time: bring more budget! (or do it yourself). I ended up using the same weeping willow tree over and over again, but with modified shaders for the leaves to get that purple feel.
  • I still can't do water properly.. in this case I ended up with a subdivided mirrorplane with a wave distortion stacked on top to get that wavey feel. Not ideal, but it works.