only of my early forays into the world of 3D! I had lots of fun, and I am happy with the result, but it is also nowhere near anything realistic.. yet

Model: Juriette
Tools used: Blender, Photoshop
Created: September 2019

Crafting notes

  • The model was shot first. This might have been a poor decision. Next time I'll craft first. I had a vague idea of what I wanted during the shoot, and set the lights up for that. While designing the scene I discovered that didn't actually match anymore, and I had to improvise a bit to make it match as close as possible.
  • Take more time to do the cutout. I hate that part, as it is tedious and boring, but it's important.
  • I've crafted the dunes out of a square with some subdivisions and the sculpting tools in Blender
  • The crates and ship were predefined 3D assets from kitbash3d I couldn't not use or this.
  • The sand layer bugged me the most. I think I re-rendered it 3 times with different settings -- with displacement, without, more and less pronounced normal shading etc -- and then mashed those together in photoshop.
  • Final render took about an hour of rendering in Cycles at 6000x3000, 400samples, on GPU+CPU