Bogenwald 2022

Photoshoot day organized by Laura Calandt in Bogenwald, Germany

Bogenwald, a fully immersive, fully decorated LARPing village in Germany.

Last year, I visited Bogenwald for the first time. It's a magical place, a beautiful medieval style village with so much set dressing and so many small little details that makes every photo just be amazing! This year I joined via a shoot day organized by Laura Calaundt - and - I lived! As in: I truly immersed myself in shooting, and every second felt full of vibrance. Running from spot to spot, shooting everywhere. From early morning to sunset. From rogue elf shank alley madness to burning the witch at sundown to ghostly appearances at night!

I needed this!

See below for the results, and there will probably be a few more to follow. Don't forget to check The Tavern - a separate series of epic character portraits shot in the Bogenwald tavern, and Anguish - a very intense emotional series shot with Ayla Elina at the end of the day. Want to see more things I shot at Bogenwald? See my my earlier sets Bogenwald 2021 with Satiellacosplay and Late night Ciri