Canto Ostinato

Performed by: Wim te Groen

Not just photos, a story this time.

This was December 2019. I did something new. Something I was really looking forward to, but at the same time extremely anxious about.. I captured a video clip!

The initial request was to take a few photos.. no scratch that, maybe do a video clip... no scratch that, do a clip for a 40 minute long song! Oh and while you're at it, help design the stage lighting at the Cloud Nine stage in Tivoli Vredenburg. All within 4 hours please.

Wow... okay.. that's nontrivial stuff! I'm by no means a videographer, and I was bound to make have made many stupid mistakes. The time limit and length of the song also meant that we basically could do only one take... but... I do think we managed!

The shot above and those below were taken during the recording session. It conveys the atmosphere of the clip really well.

Wim, thank you for trusting me with this assignment. I live for these kinds of days!

Watch the result below in glorious 4K!

Canto Ostinato

Composed by: Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012)
Performed by: Wim te Groen - Piano solo
Video and edit: Ork de Rooij
Location: TivoliVredenburg